5 Popular Meals Under INR 100 In Delhi That Are Filling And Super Tasty

When cravings are soaring high but our pockets are not too deep, the food options narrow down by several notches. With hunger at its peak, a random samosa or a plate of bhel puri won’t suffice even if you are a street-food fiend. The good thing about living in India is that you may ditch all those plush restaurants and turn to small eateries, dhabas and street vendors, and you’ll still get super delicious food (most of the time, even better). If you are on a tight budget, you can still manage to find a bevy of meals in Delhi that are tasty and will quell your hunger instantly. 

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Here Are 5 Popular Meals Under INR 100 In Delhi:

1. Momos 

Go anywhere in Delhi and you’ll find a vendor selling varieties of momos, or at least chicken and veg momos. A plate of momos usually contains 5-6 momo pieces, which are just about enough to lull the growling stomach. Head to your local momos vendors or if you are really looking for a special treat, the vendor outside Prince Paan, GK 1 and Dolma Aunty’s momos are our go-to places. For more options, click here to find the best momos places in Delhi. 

Momos are of the most loved street foods in India. 

2. Chole Bhature 

A crispy, puffy bhatura paired with masaledaar chole, accompanied by achaar, onions and chutney is just the meal that can sate our desi appetite. It’s extremely satisfying, both for our heart and tummy. Nagpal’s Chole Bhature in Lajpat Nagar and Gole Hatti in Chandni Chowk and Sitaram in Paharganj are obvious choices but there are many other options to explore in the city. Click here to know more.  

3. Paranthas 

Can there be anything more delicious, hearty and satiating that a classic stuffed parantha? Not only it is affordable, it also makes for a wholesome meal. Roti stuffed with meat or veggies, with a dollop of butter on top (or not), parantha is definitely the top budget-friendly meal you can get anywhere. However, we will suggest you to go for Moolchand parathas or make your pick from a vast range at Parathe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk for a heart-warming treat. For more awesome paratha places in Delhi, click here

4. Noodles 

There are days when you just want a plate of street-style noodles to whet your Indo-Chinese food craving. If you can’t go or order from those fancy Chinese restaurants, there are scores of Chinese vans all over Delhi to offer you a desi-style meal. 

5. Kachori Aloo 

Kachori in itself is a super delicious snack, and it turns into a hearty meal when paired with aloo ki sabzi. Don’t worry, it won’t jar your budget. In less that 100 bucks, you can get this lip-smacking combo meal at Anil Kachori Wale in Connaught Place, also often called Hanuman Mandir Kachori Wale, and also at Bhikharam Chandmal, Chandni Chowk.  


Kachori paired with aloo makes for a wholesome meal. 

When your pockets and pantry are empty, these budget-friendly are not a compromise, these are the ultimate desi meals that you’ll actually love.  

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