Anushka Sharma Is ‘Being Very Parisian’ With This Classic Breakfast Combo – See Pics

We all are aware of the phrase – ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. It seems Anushka Sharma abides by the phrase, word for word. Wonder how we got to know that? It’s simple – you just need to scroll through her Instagram. Anushka Sharma is one of the most candid celebrities on social media, who shares slices of her life as is. From her cheat meals in between workouts to her thought of the day, we get to see it all on Instagram. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Anushka’s social media portrays the person she is. Take her recent post on Instagram for instance.

Currently, Anushka Sharma is in Paris of an ad shoot and has been sharing glimpses of the same every now and then. From a sneak peek into her hotel room to snap from the shoot location, she is capturing it all. In between, what grabbed our attention is her indulgence. We saw her devouring a delicious croissant and a hot cup of coffee for breakfast in Paris. And from her expressions, we could totally get that she enjoyed it to the core. “When in Paris…eat many croissants,” Anushka captioned the post. She further uploaded stories with the same pictures. “Being very Parisian here…breakfast of coffee and croissant was devoured,” read the first story. The second story stated, “Sahi mein bohat sahi tha (It was really nice!),” she added.

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Like us, could you too relate to her expressions while devouring the croissant? If yes, then how about baking and having some at home? Here’s the classic croissant recipe for you.

Now, brew a cup of coffee, bake some croissants and enjoy breakfast, Anushka Sharma-style!

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