As Per Malaika Arora, “Everything Tastes Delicious In A Bowl”

Bowl meals are easy to eat and quite comforting. No wonder they have taken over the world. While bowl meals are synonymous with a nutritious and fulfilling breakfast, noodles with a rich, flavoursome broth, loaded with vegetables have a different fan base. It is difficult to turn this one down. Well, did you know Malaika Arora has also given her verdict? According to the actress, “Everything tastes delicious in a bowl.” Wondering why she was talking about bowl meals? Well, Malaika has shared a picture of her sister Amrita Arora’s son Azaan Ladak relishing a bowl meal. We are not sure if Malaika was there too. But we can assure you that the bowl looked all thing yummilicious. The bowl of soupy noodles was loaded with lettuce, and we could also spot some chicken chunks. Alongside the picture, Malaika wrote, “Everything tastes delicious in a bowl.”

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Have a look:

Malaika Arora, the unofficial food guru of Bollywood, has paved our way to relish some yumilicious noodle bowls. These strings of happiness come in many shapes and can be tossed with an array of ingredients to make spectacular treats. There is no way we are holding back, and if you are on board, check out these recipes:

1.Thai Noodle Soup

This delectable version of classic Thai noodle soup is difficult to ignore. It has the goodness of chicken, broccoli, rice vermicelli, coconut and fried garlic. We bet you’ll lick every drop of that broth.


Do you like heat in your noodle broth? Laksa should be your go-to pick. This spicy noodle soup is popularly eaten in Singapore. And we have got you the recipe to prepare Laksa paste at home.

3.Hot Noodle Soup

Ever tried coconut milk, garlic, and lime juice together in soup? Treat your tastebuds to this delicacy. Prepare the lip-smacking broth, and pop in some noodles. To make it wholesome, you can even add some chicken chunks or strips.

4.Lemongrass Noodle Soup

The lingering and refreshing flavour of lemongrass is what makes you dive deeper into a pot of lemongrass noodle soup.

5.Lao Chicken Noodle Soup

Ready to try out a flavoursome and luxurious bowl of noodle soup? Gets your hands on this recipe now.

Which noodle bowl is your favourite? Lets us know.

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