Boyband TXT receive their first Inkigayo win

TXT have received their first ever Inkigayo win

K-pop group TXT have received their first ever Inkigayo win, ending the rough patch for boy groups. They are the only male group to receive an Inkigayo win since last summer.

This isn’t the first win the group have taken home since the release of their latest comeback The Name Chapter: Temptation and lead track Sugar Rush Ride. Their first music show win came on M Countdown on February 2nd, the second on February 3rd on Music Bank, and the third one was again on M Countdown on February 9th.

Sugar Rush Ride has now four wins under its belt, officially tying with their other hit song 0x1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) as their track with the most wins. Their song was running against labelmate New Jeans’ hit tracks OMG and Hype Boy but managed to beat both.

K-pop boy groups don’t do as well on Inkigayo because they only count digital points, discarding broadcast points completely. Since girl groups tend to score much higher digitally, it’s especially impressive that TXT grabbed the win. 

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