Britons struggling to forgive Camilla over Princess Diana injustice

Britons struggling to forgive Camilla over Princess Diana injustice

Princess Diana’s admirers have multiplied with time, says expert.

The new generation, that might not know Princess Diana as the older ones do, still hold a soft corner for the Princess of Wales, making Duchess Camilla and villain in her life.

GMB host Susanna Reid shared that the British public has not moved on from the love of Diana.

He said: “I don’t think they have moved on, to be completely honest with you.

“You can see that in the polling that YouGov does, for example. People in the 1990s took Diana’s side in this dispute and actually the younger generations growing up now feel just as strongly I think as people did back then.”

Mr Royston added: “They love Diana. They love the legacy that she left, her humanitarian streak, her warmth and kindness and they feel she was the victim of an injustice basically.

‚ÄúThat she was, to use Diana’s own words, ‘a lamb to the slaughter’ when she married Charles.”

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