Burger King Emails Blank Order Receipt To Customers; Internet Confused

Fast food chain Burger King remains in the news for some reason or the other. Be it with its vegan food options or generous tweets during the months-long lockdown, the brand has never failed to grab the headlines. Following the tradition, Burger King again made it to the news; but this time, the reason was quite a weird (or bizarre) one! According to a report in The Verge website, the fast-food chain recently emailed blank order receipt to a thousand of customers. Reportedly, the mail started appearing in the customers’ mailbox around 12.15 am (Eastern Time) on August 9, 2022. The mails were sent from Burger King’s main promotional marketing email address and had completely nothing written on it.

In no time, the customers got confused seeing the black food receipt and wondered whether Burger King’s email got hacked by some “hungry hacker attempting a midnight feast”. The customers soon took to Twitter to raise their concern regarding the situation.

“Did anyone else get a random empty #burgerking receipt this morning?” wrote one.

Another tweet read, “I got 3 all to different emails I didn’t even know they had.” A third tweet read, “Did something weird happen? Check Twitter. Fastest way to get answer. For instance, I got a blank receipt from #burgerking and I was like “Did I even order from Burger King?” Sure enough, so did everyone else lol.”

Reports further stated that several people, who received the emails, didn’t even remember making a Burger King account, registering their email id. Burger King is yet to respond to the matter.

Did you receive any such email? Do let us know in the comments below.

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