Butter Or Mayo On The Outside Of Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Padma Lakshmi Shares Her Views

Padma Lakshmi is one of the most popular Indian-American celebrities on the internet. The food enthusiast not only enjoys a variety of dishes but also likes to cook sumptuous food. Her recipe videos are a hit on social media. Sometimes, she shares food posts on Twitter as well and likes to spark conversations around all things delicious. She is back again with another post related to food. This time, she spoke about why people put Mayonnaise on the outside of grilled cheese, but Padma Lakshmi is different. She doesn’t follow the same process. In the video, she also revealed what she uses instead of Mayonnaise.

In the clip, she stated, “I know some people like to put Mayonnaise on the outside of their grilled cheese,” and, yes, she says that honestly, it gives you a really crispy grilled cheese. But at the same time, Padma Lakshmi mentioned, “Mayonnaise smells like a burnt egg which is not what I want my grilled cheese to smell like. So, I still prefer butter.”

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For the caption, she just wrote, “Team butter,” and added a couple of hashtags “Team butter” and “Grilled cheese.”

Take a look:

Padma Lakshmi often shares various interesting food posts on social media. She loves sharing her different experiences with food and her social media feed stands as evidence of this statement. Once, she stated what according to her is the best version of a tomato sandwich. She dropped a post on Instagram dedicated to BLT sandwich and shared some interesting inputs alongside. Padma Lakshmi mentioned the BLT sandwich as “the best version of a tomato sandwich.”

BLT is basically a kind of meat sandwich that has bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. According to her summertime is the best to savour BLT sandwiches. She also wrote, “Sizzling, hot American bacon with caramelised sugar that seeps from meat, rendering it crunchy and savoury, mixing with the sulfates and salt and creaminess of mayonnaise.” Regarding lettuce, she said it should be crisp, the thick-cut slice of beefsteak tomato nice and cool.

Do you also relate to a passionate foodie like Padma Lakshmi?

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