Celebs who won’t leave their fortunes to their children

When it comes to millionaire and billionaire celebrities, many of us imagine that their children will inherit their fortune. Indeed, this is the way wealth has traditionally been handled and it continues to be a popular way of keeping the wealth among the already rich and famous.

However, there are some famous people who, for one reason or another, have pledged or plan to pledge the majority of their fortune to charitable causes, rather than handing it down to their children. 

Of course, in many cases these celebrities’ children will still receive a tidy sum: many of the individuals on this list have a net worth so high that a lot of cash will be left over even after the majority is given away. However, it nonetheless says something about these stars’ values that they are choosing to divert the majority of their wealth in a direction other than their family’s.

Check out this gallery to find out which celebs won’t leave their fortunes to their offspring.

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