Do You Know The Relation Between Protein And Craving? Nmami Agarwal Has An Answer

Everyone knows the importance of protein in their diets. Protein is a macronutrient that our body needs to grow and repair cells. It’s made up of chemical “building blocks” known as amino acids. Protein also makes for a crucial part of a healthy diet, and everyone gets their requirement of protein fulfilled through different food items. However, Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has said that just eating the required amount of protein won’t help. If you increase protein intake in your diet, it might as well help you in dealing with your cravings and a lot more. The health expert has shared a video on Instagram sharing the link between protein and cravings.

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Nmami has stated that if you eat enough amount of protein to prevent the deficiency but eating the right amount of protein can do so much more to your body.

She has also said that protein in your meal reduces the hunger hormone – ghrelin. Not just this but, according to the nutritionist, protein boosts peptide hormone that makes you feel full. Thus, reducing unnecessary hunger pangs that may strike at any time of the day. So, she advised that you must eat enough amount of protein in your diet. “You just don’t have to prevent the deficiency but also reduce hunger, cravings and late-night snacking,” Nmami added.

Take a look:

Nmami Agarwal, in one of her previous videos, spoke about the “feeling of fullness.” She has explained how you can avoid eating too much or too less. She said, “When we eat a meal, it gives vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to our body. And, most of us are not aware of the “feeling of fullness.” Therefore, either we end up eating way too much or we end up eating way too less.” Further discussing the feeling of fullness, she stated that it is equal to the feeling of satiety. This means you must eat food that makes you feel energised enough to carry out all your tasks. However, you should not eat so much that it becomes difficult for you to even move. Nmami suggested that “it’s important to know when to stop while having your meal or even when indulging in your favourites.” She further mentioned, “Reaching the feeling of satisfaction by the stomach and the brain both will help you feel good and reach satiety.”

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Follow these food-related tips by Nmami Agarwal and lead a healthy life.

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