International Beer Day 2022: Top 9 Beers In India You Have Got To Try

Pair it with pizza or relish it with tandoori tikkas; wash down with burgers or sip it at a party – beer is one drink we Indians love. A sip of chilled beer can wash away our worries and make our problems seem far away. International Beer Day 2022 is celebrated on Friday, August 5. This special day marks the celebration of beer across pubs, breweries, clubs and houses all over the world. And what better way to celebrate than with a pint of the frothy delight? We have cherry-picked and curated a list of the top beers in India that you have got to try at least once. These are our top recommendations, in no particular order, from a wide variety of brands that are available in the market today.

Here Are The Top 9 Beers In India You Have Got To Try On International Beer Day:

1. Carlsberg

Originally from Denmark, Carlsberg is one of the most popular beer brands globally. It has made its way into the Indian market slowly and steadily. The Carlsberg Elephant and Carlsberg Smooth are both smooth and mild in taste.

2. Bee Young

Bee Young is a home-brewed, locally sourced beer from Delhi. The crisp beverage has citrusy notes and a strong flavour, and also comes in a fun, quirky can packaging.

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3. Budweiser

The American-style lager is touted to be brewed with the original yeast culture by the brand’s founder Adolph Busch. Flavourful and crisp, this beer is medium-bodied and is made by fermenting barley, rice and hops.

4. Six Fields Wheat Beer

For those who like every sip to be a luxurious experience, Six Fields is the right choice. This is one of the smooth beers with a light taste and elegant aroma that brings the Belgian-style beer to the avid Indian drinker.

5. Godfather

Based out of Jammu, Godfather has maintained a stronghold in the Indian beer market. Its full-bodied flavour has a good mouthfeel and tastes extra fresh, thanks to its long brewing techniques.

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6. Kingfisher

Kingfisher Ultra and Kingfisher Ultra Max are one of the hottest-selling beers from the brand’s portfolio. Ultra Max, in particular, is a crisp, refreshing strong beer which is slow-fermented and matured over time.

7. Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is one of the newest beer brands in the Indian market today. Catering to Indian drinkers, Lone Wolf has options between mild and strong versions that have smooth and crisp flavour profiles respectively.

8. Seven Rivers

Based out of Bengaluru, Seven Rivers has become a hit all over the country. Their Hefeweizen is a wheat-based brew with a fruity aroma. They also have a Belgian-style Witbier that is light and refreshing.

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9. Beor360

Beor360 is one of the most unique beer brand that uses premium quality ingredients in its making. Available in wheat and lager options, it also has the aroma of chamomile in it.

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