Johnny Depp’s friend dishes on the actor’s mental and physical state post trial

Johnny Depp’s friend revealed how the actor is doing after the verdict was announced in the defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard as he continues to enjoy life in Europe.

The Alice in Wonderland star is all set to start shooting for his first film Jeanne du Barry post libel trial on Monday and has been enjoying gigs with Jeff Beck ever since the case’s verdict was announced.

However, the pal told The New York Post that the actor is “exhausted” as he’s been doing so much after the court ruled in his favour making it clear that the star was in fact defamed by his former wife.

Talking about Depp’s mental and physical state, the friend said, “Consider that he’s gone from a trial to a rock ‘n’ roll tour to a movie, with no breaks in between and no time to reflect, I’m sure he’s exhausted, but … he’s working hard at the things he loves.”

At one point during the interview, the pal dished on how the actor celebrated his win in the bombshell case as he revealed that Depp watched it on television with his friends.

“More than anything he had a sense of relief,” he said about the actor’s first impression after the result was announced. “They celebrated that night.”

“It was relief and validation,” the friend added. “Johnny celebrated the win by stepping into something he loves as much as anything: playing music and supporting the record that he made with Jeff.”

“One day after the verdict, he played and a radical swell of support greeted him,” the outlet further shared. “It is imperative that he knew the world saw everything come out.”

“Johnny never wavered as the world was finally permitted to know what he always knew [about the situation with Heard]. Then an American jury agreed with him on all of his claims. He was vindicated. How would you feel?” he added.

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