Karisma Kapoor’s New York Food Diaries Featured This Classic French Dish

If there’s one celebrity who doesn’t compromise on her gastronomic adventures, it has to be Karisma Kapoor. From digging into a plateful of biryani to enjoying a range of mouth-watering desserts, the actress always gives us some major food goals with her culinary adventures. Her food tales are very popular on social media and she is indeed a self-confessed foodie. So, what did she try recently? Karisma, who appears to be in New York currently, got her hands on a classic French delicacy. The actress shared a picture on Instagram Stories showing us her indulgent meal. Wondering what it was? It featured foie gras served along with toasted slices of bread.

For the unversed, “foie gras” translates to “fatty liver” in English. It’s a French delicacy prepared with the liver of a duck or goose that’s fattened by the process of force-feeding. On Karisma Kapoor’s table, we could also spot some fresh greens served with grated cheese on top. Karisma wrote, “Foie Gras in NY.” Take a look:

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Karisma Kapoor treated herself to this lavish dish in New York.

Besides showcasing her love for savoury delights, Karisma Kapoor has a soft spot for sweet treats as well. Many of her food posts describe her inclination for desserts. About a couple of days ago, she shared a glimpse of her ice cream and it was oh-so-tempting. Her dessert platter had what appeared to be a long slice of butterscotch ice cream loaded with nuts. It was topped with some lip-smacking caramel and a layer of burnt meringue. Karisma wrote, “Meanwhile…”

If you are a foodie, Karisma Kapoor’s breakfast choices will surely make your mouth water. She once shared a view of her breakfast and it was all kinds of appetising. Karisma devoured French toast drizzled with syrup. The dish was served with fresh raspberries on the side. “Sunday morning”, Karisma wrote.

We cannot help but appreciate Karisma Kapoor’s foodie side and we are excited to see what she tries next.  

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