King Charles unwilling to meet Harry ahead of coronation: report

King Charles has ruled out a face-to-face meeting with his son Prince Harry ahead of his coronation, according to a report.

The Duke’s relations with the royal family further deteriorated after the release of his tell-all memoir titled ‘Spare’.

Daily Express reported that The monarch is set to leave the Duke of Sussex bitterly disappointed in his hopes for a pre-coronation get together.

Daniela Elser, a royal commentator for, claimed the refusal for a pre-coronation meeting amounted to a brutal snub for Harry.

She said, “Charles has reportedly refused to blink in the trans-Atlantic showdown he is currently locked into with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and won’t be acceding to his bolter of a son’s number one demand.”

She added, “The simple reason? Charles is too busy.”Ooh, burn indeed.”

Prince Harry recently said that his presence at the coronation will depended on King Charles and Prince William.

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