Kourtney Kardashian compared to a ‘vampire’: Video

Kourtney has been compared to a vampire by fans following her video, in which the Kardashians star can be seen showcasing a dramatic fringe and a lengthy ponytail.

The 43-year-old reality star made her return to the social media platform on Saturday following an absence, with her sharing footage from what appeared to be a recent photoshoot.

Kim Kardashian’s sister, in new selfie-style video, showcases new bangs, which accompanied a lengthy ponytail – with her wearing red lipstick, heart-shaped earrings and red contact lenses.

Barker’s sweetheart was heard in the clip saying: “No, like cray but also it’ll be good.” Kourtney took to the comments to add: “You’re welcome for some new exclusive original audio.”

In response to the video, which has amassed more than 1.7 million views, her followers have compared her to a vampire, with some even saying that they had hardly recognised her.

“Kourtney’s in her vampire era,” said one person in the comments section. Another responded: “Straight up looks like she’s out of Twilight.” A third said: “What in the Twilight.”

Another teased: “I don’t remember this part of Twilight.” Whilst one person said: “It’s giving Twilight.” Another asked: “Is this for a movie? If it is [I’d] take a guess it’s for Twilight.”

Another responded: “I didn’t even recognise her at first.” Similarly, one person said: “I didn’t know who this was at first.” Whilst one fan wrote: “Goddamm a whole new you.”

It comes shortly after Kourtney showed off purple highlights in her hair earlier this month, with her having unveiled that hair transformation on Instagram in early July.

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