Masaba Gupta’s Weekend Indulgence Was This Yummy Monsoon Snack

No matter what time of the year it is, who can say no to a plate of yummy onion pakoras or onion fritters? Well, it looks like Masaba Gupta – who is famous for her healthy lifestyle – treated herself to the delicious snack over the weekend.  Onion fritters, which are a favourite during the monsoons across Indian households, were relished by the actress-fashion designer, Masaba’s Instagram Stories show. Sharing an image of the onion fritters, Masaba said, “Full plate just for me.” Needless to say, the post has us rushing to our kitchens to make some ourselves.

Masaba Gupta is known to often share posts regarding her healthy meals on social media. The multi-hyphenate swears by simple, home-cooked food that is easy to prepare. Recently, on Instagram Stories, Masaba shared a glimpse of her meal that featured idiyappam, the popular rice noodle dish from Kerala, along with aviyal – another Malayali classic, as well as preparation of red amaranth and cowpea curry with raita.

Before that, Masaba Gupta, announced the upcoming season of her Netflix series Masaba Masaba, with a food post. She shared a picture of herself gorging on juicy mangoes.  “An aam start to an exciting day,” Masaba wrote.

Masaba Gupta once shared a fun video on Instagram demonstrating her food cravings. In the clip, we see Masaba entering a room in which her friends are busy devouring French fries. And just when she gets ready to pick a few pieces of the fries, her friends stop her and provide her with a plate of healthy food. In the caption, Masaba wrote, “Masaba Vs Food. You win some… you lose some (I’m talking about the calories).”

We would love to see more pages from Masaba Gupta’s food diaries. 

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