Parineeti Chopra’s Three-Tier Sweet Indulgence Is Making Us Drool 

Parineeti Chopra is a big-time foodie. Her Instagram is a testament to the statement. The actress, time and again, shares yummy-looking pictures of her indulgences. Wondering what is on her platter this time around? A number of sweet treats. Parineeti has shared a picture of a three-tier dessert stand on her Instagram Stories. Allow us to walk you through the delectable indulgences of the platter. At the bottom, we could see a couple of sweet buns. As you move to the middle platter, four delicious-looking sweet delicacies are waiting for your attention. It had a slice of layered chocolate cake with chocolate cream piping and a chocolate curl as garnish. Next to it was a thick biscuit on top of it was a heavy layer of meringue, it was decorated with pea flowers and a fruit topping. The platter had two other sweet treats which looked delectable. An identical platter was placed right at the top tier of the serving tray. 

Have a look: 

Parineeti Chopra Instagram story

Did we just trigger your sweet tooth? Not to worry we have a solution right here. We certainly cannot replicate Parineeti Chopra’s sweet platter, but here are some delicious dessert recipes which will qualify for being a delectable indulgence. 

1.Apple Pie 

Make this classic apple pie and you may not have any leftovers. Top off this melt-in-your-mouth pie with a sprinkle of cinnamon and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

2.Lemon Tart 

Sinful, rich, and creamy, a lemon tart is as yummy as it looks. It has the right amount of zinginess and sweetness which refreshes your palate after a meal. 


This Italian dessert recipe is too good to be true. With the goodness of coffee and the creamy mascarpone mixture, here is your guilt-free dessert is ready to be devoured.

4.Hot Cointreau Souffle

Hot Cointreau Souffle is a French classic that is a delectable treat to your taste buds. 

5.Chocolate Mousse 

This is everything a chocolate lover can dream of. The chocolate-y rich and silky smooth mousse will satisfy even the most serious chocoholic.

Make your weekend delightful with these sweet treats.

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