Pooja Hegde Kicks Off Weekend With Nachos And Waffles 

Pooja Hegde is on a never-ending vacation, and we aren’t complaining. In addition to sharing stunning pictures from her getaway, Pooja is also keeping us updated with her foodie tales. The actress, who is currently in New York, left us drooling with her snack indulgence. Wondering what it is? Well, everyone’s forever favourite nachos and dip. In the clip, we can see a platter loaded with nachos and a bowl of cheesy dip placed right at the centre. Yummilicious, did we hear?

While we were getting over the nachos, Pooja Hegde’s very next Instagram Stories added fuel to the fire. It’s time for something sweet. No points for guessing. She is relishing waffles loaded with chocolate syrup.


Pooja Hegde’s food indulgences are quite relatable. Did you know softy has her heart? The actress announced it herself in an Instagram post. Dropping a cute picture of herself holding a cone of ice cream, Pooja said, “Softies have my heart.” 

And, how can we not mention the time when Pooja Hegde was “mentally having a sorbet on a white sandy beach.” 

And, how can we miss her “best cookie ever?” Pooja Hegde recently relished a cookie and made it a point to share her sweet treat with fans on Instagram Stories. The chocolate was oozing out of the cracks of the baked cookie. long with a snap of her indulgence, the actress wrote, “Can I just say, best cookie I have ever eaten?” along with a drooling emoji. Read all about it here.

There is no doubt Pooja Hegde’s food diaries are a hit among fans.

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