Salli Boti-Berry Pulao: How To Make This Classic Irani Meal (Recipes Inside)

We just love how diversified Indian food culture is. Food here varies as per region, community and also, culture. Take Parsi cuisine for instance. In India, the cuisine is a beautiful blend of Irani cuisine, Maharashtrian flavours and British influences. As per history, Parsi food culture in India developed around 17th century – it is when the Parsis from Persia came to India and settled down, majorly in the Western part of the country. Today, you will find Parsi community majorly in Maharashtra – Mumbai to be specific. In fact, a food trail in Mumbai remains incomplete without trying the delicious Parsi dishes at the Irani cafés in Mumbai.

Here we bring you one such iconic meal recipe that holds a constant position in any Parsi spread. It’s salli boti and berry pulao. For the unversed, salli boti is Parsi-style lamb/mutton curry, which is paired with berry pulao (a rice dish) to make for a wholesome meal or a feast spread. Let’s take a look at the recipes.

Parsi-Style Meat Curry Recipe: How To Make Salli Boti:

Salli stands for potatoes and boti means meat chunks; meaning, it is a spicy and flavourful curry made with meat and potato. Today, you will also find people replacing meat chunks with boneless chicken. However, we got you the traditional recipe here.

First, prepare the masala with ghee, onion, ginger-garlic paste, tomatoes and some spices. Cook the meat in the masala and bring to boil. Add jaggery and vinegar and cook for some time. Next, prepare the salli by cutting potatoes into thin straws. Then soak them in cold saltwater and deep fry till it turns golden brown in colour. Remove excess oil and serve with boti. And yes, do garnish the dish with some freshly chopped coriander leaves.

Click here for the salli boti recipe.

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Parsi-Style Pulao Recipe: How To Make Irani Berry Pulao:

You can pair salli boti with roti and paratha. But if you want to put together a spread, then we suggest, pair it with berry pulao. Irani berry pulao is much like biryani where you prepare a gravy (non-veg) with various masalas, assemble with rice and put on dum for 10-15 minutes. And yes, do not forget to add berries and dry fruits – these ingredients bring richness to the dish.

Click here for berry pulao recipe.

What are you waiting for? Prepare these dishes and put together a Parsi spread for your friends and family. Enjoy your meal.

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