“Stuff like that is hard” – Jimin from BTS gives update on Jin’s life in military service

\Jimin recently gave an update about Jin’s life in military service

BTS’ Jimin recently appeared in a live with bandmate J-Hope where he gave an update about Jin’s life in military service. The broadcast was initially a one-hour stream for J-Hope’s birthday but Jimin joined a couple of minutes later.

During their conversion, they joked that it seems like time is passing far too quickly for them but must be passing very slowly for Jin. Jimin then revealed that he had recently spoken to the older singer and shared parts of their correspondence.

According to Jimin, Jin has been craving a spicy raw fish soup recently called mulhoe. He also revealed that Jin has been enjoying military food, to which J-hope agreed, saying: “Of course, it tastes good when you go to the military.”

Jimin then teased his bandmate, joking about how he wouldn’t really know how the food tasted considering he’s never been to the military, but J-Hope admitted that he has seen pictures.

Though things like food aren’t a source of trouble for Jin, Jimin explained that he misses people and being able to perform on stage which is causing him to struggle a little.

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