This Disturbing Cooking Video Had A Strange Way Of Showing Chopped Onions

Cooking videos are one of the most favourite categories of videos on the internet. People love to see how exactly their favourite foods are prepared. The step-by-step process of making food is not just educational and informative, but also somehow very relaxing to watch. Recently, however, a seemingly innocuous cooking video turned out to be much more disturbing than usual ones. In this weird clip, they showed us the process of an onion being chopped. Sounds quite normal right? However, if you watch the clip, you’ll see the bizarre shot and know what we mean. Take a look at the viral video here:

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The clip was shared on Twitter by user @mind_probiotic on his handle. “Just found my new least favourite shot in a cooking video ever,” wrote the user in his tweet. The cooking video has already received over 13 million views and 265k likes. More than 21k retweets and 6.4k quote tweets were also registered on the video.

In the disturbing cooking video, there was an outdoor cookout featuring an open fire made with wood in the middle of a forest. A huge knife was being used to slowly chop the onion into small pieces. At first, everything seemed to be like any other usual cooking video. All of a sudden, the camera turned backwards and moved with the knife. The dizzying shot was extremely bizarre and certainly did not make for a satisfactory watch.

Twitter users too were left with mixed feelings after watching the video. Some of them said that the shot of onion being chopped gave them a headache. Others wondered why such a shot was taken in the first place.

Take a look at the hilarious reactions:

This is not the only strange thing to go viral on social media. In the recent past, a click of an abandoned vintage Burger King outlet had also taken the internet by storm. People couldn’t help but share reactions to the viral news.

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