This Weekend, Surprise Your Family With A Sweet Chicken Roast Recipe

This special long weekend, many of us have a lot of different things planned. Some are out on a trip; some are with their cousins, and others might be at home. And if you are also celebrating this weekend at home, what’s better than enjoying it with food!? Food is a part of every celebration. So, if you are thinking about what special can be made this holiday season, how about trying a sweet chicken roast!? We all can agree that chicken is every non-vegetarian person’s delight. While you may have eaten it in various ways, making a roast is a little uncommon. So, if just the thought of this food makes your mouth water, here we bring you a sweet and sticky chicken roast recipe to try! I

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In this yummy recipe, we have used a mix of oriental flavours with different spices. The spices add a much-needed zing to the chicken. At the same time, the sauces and the honey set it apart from the fiery flavours. You can even choose to add various vegetables to this roast. In fact, the vegetables will not only increase the nutritional value but also increase the taste! So, without waiting, let us check out the recipe for this dish.

Sweet Chicken Roast Recipe: Here’s How To Make Sweet Chicken Roast

Make cuts in the chicken. Combine garlic, chilli powder, and lemon juice. Now, grind the fried onions, then combine them with the remaining marinade ingredients. Apply 2/3 of the resulting paste to the chicken and inside of it. Let it rest for an hour. Combine the ingredients for the stuffing with the leftover marinade. Insert the stuffing inside the chicken. Put in a roasting pan. Cook for around 25 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius. In the middle, take it out and brush it with some honey. The honey gives a sticky texture. Roast for another 10 minutes. Then, slice and serve!

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For the full recipe of this sweet chicken roast, click here.

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Try these recipes this weekend, and let us know how you liked their taste!

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