Viral Food Trend: Pink Sauce Takes Internet By Storm; Twitter Reacts

Have you heard of pink sauce? The India foodies will instantly relate it to the pink sauce pasta. But no, it is not the same pink sauce we are talking about. In fact, it is a one-of-a-kind condiment in the USA that has recently gone viral on social media. Wonder why? It is probably because of the ingredients used in the recipe. Created by Chef Pii – a Miami-based mixologist – pink sauce is being sold in the market since July 2022. According to the official website of Pink Sauce (that’s what the name of the brand is!), the condiment is made by mixing dragon fruit, sunflower seeds, honey, chilli flakes and garlic. The website further states that the sauce has high nutritional value and includes no dairy, protein, or cholesterol.

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Photo Credit: Screengrab from Pink Sauce website

The unique pink coloured sauce initially started trending when Chef Pii took to her social media to share videos featuring her combining pink sauce with fries, burgers, fried chicken et al. Take a look at one such video (on Instagram) where we can see her pouring generous amount of pink sauce on KFC fried chicken and taking a bite.

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Here’s another such video of her dipping corndog in a bowl of pink sauce. Take a look:

If you follow Chef Pii on Instagram, you will get to see many such videos featuring pink sauce. These videos in no time grabbed people’s attention on the internet. And they soon started reacting this one-of-a-king (read: controversial) sauce.

“I’m deep in this “pink sauce” business and I cannot believe you children are buying sauce with no preservatives from a woman in Miami and shipping it across state lines during this record-breaking weather. You all know we don’t have free healthcare,” wrote a person on Twitter.

Another person tweeted, “Using Pink Sauce will make you pass out and wake up 40 miles away from your home and in some one’s basement”.

“What kiIIs me about the pink sauce stuff is that it literally looks disgusting,” read a third post on Twitter.

Find some more tweets here:

What are your thoughts on the ‘controversial’ pink sauce? If given a chance, would you want to give it a try? Do let us know in the comments below.

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